August 29, 2014

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August 29, 2014


book trailer for 'pls dont ever apologize to me for anything ever again for the rest of ur life' by elizabeth foster & stephen michael mcdowell

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August 28, 2014
The Lack Thereof by Various Artists


      Matthew Sherling has a way of doing things. His way tends to be incredible. With “Light” as the first them Matthew Sherling gets to see exactly how things look in different light. Fortunately the diverse group of writers helps to make it happen. Clearly light means a lot to them like it does for the majority of humanity. 

                Jayinee Basu sees the light hit a pornographic magazine. In the right light everything can be beautiful even the sadness that is an abandoned pornographic magazine, left alone by its purchaser to wait for curious adolescents. Angles are meant for light to find a way into the darkness. Such things matter greatly in big cities where everything is about the view. Movement tends to conflict people whether they are moving quickly enough, too quickly, or just right. Suffering suffers in the darkness and light. Unfortunately an individual’s experience remains mostly interesting to that individual. Poetry tries to bridge that gap by using abstraction, allowing the audience to see the abstractions in new ways. 

                Ashley Opheim knows how fast the light goes. The problem with light is that it has to deal with darkness so ineffectively. Years of light pass through darkness. Individuals on Earth see the light and think foolishly that it is immediate. Nothing is immediate. Every beam of sunlight is about five minutes old ready to give new life with its old self. People occupy the spaces between birth and death. Life is meant to be lived in the sunlight with the darkness beckoning new dreamers to come up with beautiful new worlds. 

                Stephen Michael McDowell understands the light as a lie. Hiding things in light is a common practice. Darkness reveals quite a bit. Eyes adjust to the darkness and see new realities. At night people act differently. This is taken into account by law enforcement officials who give stiffer penalties for the same behavior at night. Nobody wants to get bother during the absence of light. Humanity has taken the darkness to mean to take a break from the world. 

                Rod Naquin realizes the night is a grave for light. Like a grave the light emerges as a series of Zombies coming out of lamp posts hoping to have serious power over the darkness. They fail yet their failure allows for drowsy spirits to rest. Daybreak sears through the night’s darkness willing to herald a new day. Angel of the light the sun comes to banish away darkness for a couple hours. Creatures welcome the day with great songs and great growth. Eventually the coldness of the dark night skies return yet life is cyclical meaning everything gets to repeat itself. 

                Kate Gervais shares the light. Life can become so heavy. The heaviness evaporates with the light. Until such time as the light reaches there are cloudy sad days of planetary crying out the pollution. Sadness can ruin any day no matter how perfect it looks. Occasionally the stresses of life begin to tear people apart. Common ways of dealing with such unfortunate scenarios include simply sleeping waiting for the darkness to carry the dark thoughts away as a new day dawns hoping to clear everything up. 

                Dave Wright celebrates the birth of light. From the beginning of time humanity tried to understand why there was light. Mathematical equations were created in honor of discovering where the light was and where it would be. Time became incredibly reliant on light. Eventually humanity put its faith in the light allowing it to have cultural significance with crops, with school, with work, with everything really. Humanity worked out the kinks of the universe to explode thousands of suns in the desert, later to find that same power used to ruin lives across the world. It is hard to turn away from the light the light lingers wanting to be followed. 

                Daniel Daws remembers a previous life as a near-dead moth. Moths love light; they eat it for breakfast alongside a helping of delicious clothing. Death of a Moth is the worst selling play ever. Originally written as a follow-up to Death of a Salesman nobody understood why they should care about the secret generally uninteresting life of a moth who sold life insurance to other, better-off moths. Truth is a place few people can afford. Inner children laugh in the face of the truth because the truth truthfully likes the attention. Much more attention is paid to lies which are why lies do not have to try as hard. Letting sleeping dogs lie is simple enough because dogs do not have a sense of wrong and right. Rather the dogs know what it means to sleep in everyday not having to worry about things. 

                While this is over it is hopefully not the end to Matthew Sherling’s experiment. He will have more and the readers will come.

August 27, 2014

Jon Stewart Goes After Fox in Powerful Ferguson Monologue

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August 27, 2014

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August 27, 2014
"i used to be afraid of contemplating the vastness of the
bc of how small it made me feel
when i am with u i still feel small but i dont feel cold
i want to rip apart the very fabric of the universe for u
i want to squeeze reality in the palm of my hand until it
was a more pleasing shape
i want to do it again & again until finally the world is a
place that doesnt make u cry"

— from 'pls dont ever apologize to me for anything ever again for the rest of ur life' by elizabeth foster & stephen michael mcdowell

August 27, 2014
"i want to reinvent pizza just like u reinvented me
someone will have to do this in the future
when the true dharma of amalgamated ingredients on
ceases its hold on the collective consciousness"

— from 'pls dont ever apologize to me for anything ever again for the rest of ur life' by elizabeth foster & stephen michael mcdowell

August 27, 2014
"most things i am aware of & feel confident abt
ive only ever read on wikipedia"

— from 'pls dont ever apologize to me for anything ever again for the rest of ur life' by elizabeth foster & stephen michael mcdowell

August 27, 2014
"i want to stop being a mess
but i cant do it on my own"

— from 'pls dont ever apologize to me for anything ever again for the rest of ur life' by elizabeth foster & stephen michael mcdowell

August 27, 2014
"i wld suck up all the blood from ur paper cut until u
stopped bleeding
then take 4 shots of listerine w no chaser
& write u long drawn out descriptions abt the way light
reflects off every one of ur eyelashes
when u cry"

— from 'pls dont ever apologize to me for anything ever again for the rest of ur life' by elizabeth foster & stephen michael mcdowell

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